I have always been fascinated with the psychodrama of intimate relationships. In the psychology of sex, Object Choice refers to the type of person or thing selected as a focus for sexual desire or activity. As adults we often bring subconscious fragments of our childhood into our emotional lives. This repeatedly creates tension. Object Choice is a repetition of contradictions: the conflict between intellect and emotion, the battle between high and low, the struggle between childhood perception and adult experience.
It is my aim to ground my paintings in direct physical practice, without the distance of glossy fabrication. I take great pleasure in making things with my hands and being directly engaged with my work, leaving hand-hewn traces of brushstrokes, thread and bits of roughly sewn paper. The simple iconography, cheerful colors and use of common craft materials lend an air of warmth and accessibility. The words I paint the are subconscious contradictions I hear in my head: incongruous and oblique. The psychic world of my childhood is ever present in my adult consciousness. Through my physical process I invite the viewer to participate in that world with me.
furries diaper